Lightbulb iconIn-School Education (ages 11+/Middle School)

Instructors are available to teach in-school lessons covering: First Aid basics, child care for babysitting or siblings (changing, diapering, and feeding infants, and children’s behavior management), Heimlich maneuver for infants and children, personal safety, and hands only CPR.

Hands-Only CPR

The hands-only CPR lesson covers adult and child choking relief, adult and child hands only CPR and general AED awareness. A test is given before and after instruction as well as a certificate of completion. This lesson needs space for students and mannequins and takes one class period.

First AID Basics

The first aid basics lesson teaches students teaches how to respond to and manage an emergency until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrives. Students will learn how to assist someone who is choking, how to apply pressure to and properly wrap a wound, as well as proper responses to burns and broken bones.

Personal Safety

The personal safety lesson teaches students tactics for removing themselves from unsafe situations and how to be aware of their surroundings, as well as tips for safety on the internet. This lesson can be one or two lessons depending on teacher preference.

Basic Child Care

The basic child care lesson walks students through a babysitting scenario and teaches basic care for infants. Students will practice holding infants properly, providing neck support, changing diapers, what to do when the child doesn’t stop crying, the dangers of bottle propping, and the effects of shaken baby syndrome.


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