Babysitter Course (ages 12+)

This 5.5-hour class teaches: CPR and First Aid techniques for a child or infant*, Heimlich Maneuver for choking victims, injury prevention, and recognizing safety issues. Students learn behavior management, how to care for infants, simple toddler-friendly snack/dinner prep, and bottle warming/infant meals. We discuss the importance of a babysitter checklist and provide an activity bag full of babysitting essentials.
*Following American Heart Association guidelines (2-year certification)

This course costs $75.00 per student and includes 2-year certification in CPR through the American Heart Association, lunch, snacks, a babysitter bag with first aid kit, flashlight, activities, and more. Students should bring note taking supplies. Lunch will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their own lunch if preferred. Class times take place from 9:00a.m.-2:30p.m and are limited to 10 students.

We provide a limited number of scholarships for this course to qualified students, contact us if you would like information.

We teach:

CPR and First Aid techniques child/infant (Following American Heart Association guidelines, a 2-year certification)

Heimlich maneuver for choking patients (Following American Heart Association guidelines)

Injury prevention and injury management

Recognize safety issues and learn how to respond in emergency situations.

How to interact with different age levels and how to handle behavioral situations effectively.

How to prepare make simple meals and toddler-friendly snacks (We prepare a meal together, so let us know of any allergy concerns!)

How to warm a bottle and care for infants

Upcoming Classes:

Due to COVID-19 all our classes are postponed until further notice. Want to stay in the know? Join our mailing list!


Babysitter and child playing with paint

Please call (716) 338-0171 or contact us for more information, or email Chautauqua Safety Village instructor Diane directly at