Home Alone Virtual (3rd-6th Grades)

This program teaches youth who are just starting to stay home on their own, the skills they need to keep themselves safe.  Topics include: fire safety, kitchen safety, first aid basics, choking relief and personal safety.  (This course takes two 30-minute sessions to complete.)


Fire Safety

Students are refreshed on how important it is to know two ways out of every room, and then explore those two options.  This includes checking the door (first choice to leave the room) with the back of the hand, and what to do if you cannot use the door.  The second choice to leave the room is often a window, and we teach them what to do if there is no safety ladder or they cannot open the window.  We also instruct them on how to use a safety ladder, discuss going to the meeting place and calling 911 once they escape the house, and reinforce never going back into the building.  

Personal Safety

Students will learn how to develop a personal safety plan as they practice decision-making skills.  They will recognize and identify potentially unsafe situations, including internet safety guidelines.

Kitchen Safety

Students will verbalize and recognize potential dangers in the kitchen.  They will discuss using the microwave, stove, toaster, and electrical appliances, and also the dangers associated with each.  There will be observable flammable items and pretend smoke, which will introduce the importance of crawling out of the kitchen quickly, underneath the smoke.

First Aid

Students will learn use of dressings and bandages in case of injury, as well as other first aid equipment. 

Students riding bicycles for Traffic & Bike Safety Course
Children learn bike safety

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