Street view of Chautauqua Safety Village

2021 Cash Raffle Fundraiser

The Chautauqua Safety Village is excited to announce we have completed the sales and drawn the winners for our 2021 cash calendar raffle fundraiser.  Every person who purchased a raffle ticket received multiple chances each month to win a cash prize. Each winner’s name was then re-entered for the next day’s drawing.  We can’t wait to bring our Cash Calendar Fundraiser back next year, and thank everyone for participatinng!

  • The 2-month cash pay-out calendar costs $10 to be entered into 1 month of winnings, or $20 to be entered for both months of winnings.
  • The raffle ran throughout January & February 2021
  • All winnings were mailed to the winners
  • There were 59 total chances to win either $25 for a weekday, $50 for a weekend or a gift card.
  • Download the 2 month calendar here:  2021 CSV Calendar Raffle Pages


Purchase here: