Fire Safety Class at the Children's Safety VillageChildren in grades Pre-K-6 are invited to come learn first hand about traffic, bike & fire safety.  Our Fire Safety Training allows children to learn in a hands-on environment to teach them the importance of having 2 ways out of every room in your house, choosing a meeting place with your family, and creating an escape plan.  They will participate in a simulation within our mock home to implement an escape that involves crawling on their hands and knees under simulated smoke where there is clean air to breathe, feeling a custom-made door which heats to 106 degrees to let children experience what it feels like to have fire on the other side of the door, how to climb out of the bedroom window down an escape ladder and then go to their meeting place. Traffic & bike safety lessons begin in the classroom where children are taught about sign recognition, rules of the road, pedestrian safety and crosswalk safety.  They get the opportunity to drive miniature cars, or ride bikes throughout the Village as they demonstrate their knowledge of street signs, hand signals, allowing pedestrians to cross in front of them, and stopping at the railroad tracks to look and listen for a train. The program includes outdoor training which will take place rain or shine, unless the weather is extreme. Please have children dress appropriately. Students must wear gym shoes and rain coats as necessary.  There are 2 classes to chooses from, 9:30-11:30AM and 12:30-2:30PM.  Cost is $7.00 per child.  Parents are free and welcome to stay.  Call (716)338-0171 to register or email